Biking in The Rain – Get Ready for Monsoon Season

17 Oct


Image: Bikebelle


Fall is already here, rainy season is about to kick in and when you don’t want to give up your morning bike commute to work because of bad weather, sooner or later you’ll be faced with riding in the rain. But with a little knowledge and the appropriate (stylish) gear, spinning through showers can actually be an enjoyable experience.

Be prepared – dress accordingly

Of course you can carry an umbrella on your bike, but that is not very handy and definitely not safe. Luckily there are other stylish (and more convenient) ways to dress for your commute in the rain.

Getting soaked on your bike sucks and the wetter you get the colder you are going to be when you arrive at work. Being cold and wet is also a quick way to get sick. Keep your core warm. A waterproof jacket or cape is essential for heavy conditions. Wear a wicking underliner made from wool or polypropylene and wool socks.

Wear a rain cape which is made for cycling. Bicycle rain capes are like ponchos but tailored to fit you in your riding position on the bike. They shood have loops at the front, which you can hook over your thumbs, extending forward like a little tent.

A regular hood is dangerous, because it can block your view when you turn your head. Use one with see through side parts.

Furthermore rain capes allow ventilation underneath, and so they’re the best solution on a warm, rainy day.



 Bicycle Rain Cape “gegen regen” via Allthatiwant Shop


Glitter Chelsea Boots seen on Polyvore


A bicycle crate with rain cover – perfect to protect your belongings (Image: BASIL)

Adjust your braking

Morning routine took you a few minutes later this morning and you’re already late for your 9am meeting? Pleas bike carefully. Bike lanes might me slippery and on wet roads it takes double the amount of time you would normally use to slow or stop. Locking your brakes up quickly will lead to spinning out and losing control.

After the ride: Give your bike some love

For your efforts, you’ll get to ride without any annoying squeaking or grinding noises. Grit from rainy weather will wear down the chain, gears, brakes and rims if not cleaned off. Make sure to apply lube to the chain once you’re done cleaning, so your bike will keep running smoothly.

But after all! Enjoy your ride and stay dry!!!

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Culottes are made for cycling

26 Sep

A common use of the word culottes describes a split or divided skirt or any garment which “hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants.” Why are they perfect for cycling? During the Victorian era long split skirts were developed for horseback riding so that women could sit astride a man’s saddle rather than riding side-saddle. Later, split skirts were developed to provide women more freedom to do activities such as bike riding, running etc. and still look like one is wearing a skirt.

Although we love to wear dresses while cycling, culottes are a good looking and stylish alternative to bike friendly dresses and skirts.  Here are our fav style picks:

Culottes are not new to the cycling fashion world. Vintage Cover of Mademoiselle 1958.


Marjorie Woodworth in the 1950’s (Photo:


Street Style: Cropped Culottes (Photo:


Lighter version for warmer days (Photo: Haber 365)

1398177784_087276600_1398177784Graphic culottes (Photo: Elliefrost / Kevin Stamp)



Capes, an Indian Summer Love Affair

25 Sep

The good old cape or poncho ['pontʃo] is our must-have cycle style item for autumn season. Ponchos look super fashionable with boots, heels, dresses or leggings and provide warmth while remaining breathable and comfortable.


Cycle Style | Carbon Trace


 Adorable Wool Cape | via Pinterest


 Rain Poncho | Cleverhood


Kaja Poncho | Anthropologie


 Capes and Socks | via Baikbike


Love the colours | 24Colours Berlin


Kiboots Poncho with ethnic patterns | Kiboots


Ponchos not only work on a bike | We Heart It


Hand made with lots of love | Allthatiwant Shop

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Modern Family kicks off 6th Season! Yay

24 Sep

We’re thrilled for season 6 and “The Long Honeymoon”.

SOFIA VERGARA, ED O’NEILL cycling in style (Photo credit

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What does a REAL biker look like?

19 Sep

Well, we’d say: You’re a real biker when you ride a bike. Period.

We came across this great article on .Mic with 21 photos of awesome women who shatter the stereotype of what a real biker looks like. Read the full article on here.




All images: Liran Okanon/ Mic

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Heels Not Made For Cycling

8 Sep

Are you in NYC for Fashion Week this week and up for a bike ride to explore the city? Then take your bike to Brooklyn Museum where the exhibition “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe” opens Sept. 10. On display are about 200 shoes from mid-17th century Italian chopines to more current couture like the Vivienne Westwood purple platforms that have nearly killed model Naomi Campbell.

Well they’re definitely made for walking nor cycling but the ride over Williamsburg Bridge is beautiful and after the museum you can extend the ride through Prospect Park and stop for a picnic right after.

You’ll for sure cycle faster in Prada Wedge Sandals, Spring/Summer 2012. (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)


Not made for walking nor cycling: Vivienne Westwood Killer Heels worn by Naomi Campbell, Paris 1992 (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)


Looking good cycling in heels (Photo:


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The Unstealable Bike by The YERKA Project

2 Sep

Three engineering students from Chile have designed a bike frame that effectively locks itself around a pole. Check out the video:

The Pineapple Series

16 Aug

A tasty trend that we have been rocking lately is fruit prints. Mainly because our Co-Founder Mela lives on Oahu, HI –  fashion capital with major influence on the pineapple fashion trend, and we think there’s no better candidate than Mela for sharing her favorite pineapple inspired fashion picks. 

Pineapple Express: Juicy bike style from Sweet Thing Blog (photo credit: Sweet Thing Blog)


Shop Cara Delevingne’s look: sweat pants by Zoe Karssen (photo credit: Zoe Karssen)


Tiany Kiriloff sporting a pretty awesome pineapple bag at Paris Fashion Week (photo credit: Trendycrew)


Eva sporting her Patagonia Pineapple Hat at Flow Festival (photo credit: Allthatiwant)


Can’t go wrong with this classic pineapple print (photo credit: Sincerely Jules)


Outfit inspiration from Fashionone – perfect for cycling (photo credit: fashionone)


Bellehelmets just created this beautiful piece of pineapple art (available at


Ps: It’s the Oahu annual Wahiawa Pineapple Festival on August 17th and we’ve found the best shoes to hit the festival! (Photo credit:


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Flow Festival Helsinki, Finland

11 Aug

This past weekend we were cycling around Flow Festival 2014 and had an amazing time in Helsinki – World Design Capital of 2012. Lots of bicycles, beautifully dressed people, a wide music selection including the latest in finnish rap music to incredible performances by music giants like Outkast, The National or Paul Kalkbrenner.

But Flow Festival is not only about music. It’s also about sustainability, art and entrepreneurship. For example inbetween sets Flow Festival hosted the Flow Talks Lunch Sessions – Two afternoon sessions for future-minded movers and shakers sharing ideas with ever-so-curious Flow visitors and for people who understand the need for synergies between artists, activists, entrepreneurs, professionals and governments. 

Check out a few impressions of Flow Festival and kiitos! to everyone who made Flow Festival happen,we’ll go back for sure next year!

Cycle style at Flow Festival (Photo: Allthatiwant):


Absolutely loved the industrial setting of Flow Fest (Photo: Allthatiwant):


Announcing Paul Kalkbrenner in finnish fashion (Photo: Allthatiwant):


Outkast – Headliner at Flow (Photo: Allthatiwant):


 The 360° Balloon Stage is ready for Poliça:


No finnish event without MarimekkoTHE Finnish design company renowned for its original prints and colours since 1951 (Photo: Allthatiwant):


The cool kids arrive by bike:


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Handlebars: High five to the new designs!

8 Aug

Handlebars are a very important element of your bike. Together with saddle and pedals it is one of the three contact points between your bike and you and supports a portion of the rider’s weight. At the same time it determines your sitting posture.

We thought it’s time to give the handlebars the attention it deserves and pick out our faves.



Bubinga, oak and ash wood bullhorn bicycle handlebar | by WoodOOcycles | about 95 Euro

Photo credit: WoodOOcycles



Moniker Cycle Horns | by Taylor Simpson

Photo credit: Taylor Simpson



Ride or Die | by Hilos | around 300 Euro

Photo credit: Hilos



Bike Porter | by Copenhagen Parts | around 139 Euro



Bicycle Handlebar Natural Wood Mahagony | by craftrun | around 105 Euro

Photo credit: craftrun




InCOG Biketool | by Joshua Brassé | around 50 Euro

Photo credit: ideacious


Selfmade | by the Velo Orange



Innos LED | by Innos

Photo credit: Innos




5/5 manillares ilustrados | by Stand Bike Me and Lamono Magazine

Photo credit: Stand Bike Me



Leahter handlebar grips | by Gropes

Photo credit: Gropes