Color of the month: Gold

18 Dec

Just because you need it! Meaning of the color gold is extravagance, wealth, riches, excess and it’s the color of success, achievement and triumph. We simply like the mellow glow of the color gold and simply because we think it’s pretty … year right! …we picked a few favorite items for more bling under the christmas tree and in 2015!


World’s Most Expensive Bikes: Aurumania_600 Swarovski crystals adorn gold plated bike. $101,400. Source:


Golden Bicycle Helmet. Source: Bobbin Bicycles


Nike Air Max (Source: Pinterest)

gymbag Gold

Gym Bag Gold – for more bling at the gym (Source: Allthatiwant)


Cardigan found on Fashionsquad


This color takes it to the next level! (Source: Pinterest)


Must have and on our christmas wish list. Source: Le fashion image


It’s getting christmassy in here!

10 Dec

The Allthatiwant office is decorated with lots of DIY holiday decoration, all centered around our  bicycle christmas tree. And besides drinking hot chocolate, eating tons of cookies and getting excited for spending the holidays with friends and family, we’re already planning 2o15. The next year is going to be epic!! Another great year of adventures, traveling, new opportunities and cycling ahead of us.

But before it’s time to start the new year we have great holiday surprises for bicylce friends and fashion lovers in our holiday calendar waiting for you – every day until the 24th. Check back here and receive great offers selected by our team. Today was Mela’s turn to pick a deal and she went for her favorite pair of tights. So let the Polka Party begin and receive 40% off our “Polka Dots Tights”.




Bicycle Holiday Decor

8 Dec

Get into the festive spirit and spread some holiday vibes while cycling through your city! Our tip! And by the way: A bike are the  better ( more  environmentally friendly) Christmas trees.

Photo: Millenion Design


Photo: Pinterest


Photo: Pinterest


Photo: Imovelweb

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The MUSGUARD – A Rollable Bike Rear Fender

29 Nov


We’re girls and yes, we sometimes rather have a pretty looking bike than thinking about functionality. A good friend once asked me to go bike shopping with her and I gave her the very professional advice: “as long as it has your favorit color and you can wear a dress on it, you’re all set.”

Another example: I always thought bikes just look more sleek and elegant without rear fender. But I am telling you, this is a statement I immediately took back arriving at work with the back view of my favorite coat looking like a Jackson Pollock painting.

So the designers of the MUSGUARD – the rollable bike rear fender made our hearts leap for joy when they presented their product for the first time in public last weekend in Berlin. You can easily adjust the fender on any bike and after the ride simply roll up the MUSGUARD and put it on your key chain or in your pocket. The flexible hard plastic is water-reppellent and offers almost no adhesion for dirt particles and rainwater, and if you bike to work through heavy dirt such as swamps or forest;) just use a tissue to wipe off the dirt.

We simply love the idea, the minimalistic design approach and the high functionality, that really makes our lives easier. And we are positive, you’ll hear more from the great designers of MUSGUARD in the near future.



Musguard_BlogAllthatiwant1 All images by MUSGUARD

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Solange got married in style

17 Nov

Solange Knowles and video director Alan Gerard Ferguson got married  in New Orleans on November 16th and their wedding breaks the internet for the right reasons. The bride looked stunning in a stylish cream jumpsuit, heels and cap and both rode off on beautiful white bikes after the ceremony.






Photo: Getty Images

Biking in The Rain – Get Ready for Monsoon Season

14 Nov


Image: Bikebelle


Fall is already here, rainy season is about to kick in and when you don’t want to give up your morning bike commute to work because of bad weather, sooner or later you’ll be faced with riding in the rain. But with a little knowledge and the appropriate (stylish) gear, spinning through showers can actually be an enjoyable experience.

Be prepared – dress accordingly

Of course you can carry an umbrella on your bike, but that is not very handy and definitely not safe. Luckily there are other stylish (and more convenient) ways to dress for your commute in the rain.

Getting soaked on your bike sucks and the wetter you get the colder you are going to be when you arrive at work. Being cold and wet is also a quick way to get sick. Keep your core warm. A waterproof jacket or cape is essential for heavy conditions. Wear a wicking underliner made from wool or polypropylene and wool socks.

Wear a rain cape which is made for cycling. Bicycle rain capes are like ponchos but tailored to fit you in your riding position on the bike. They shood have loops at the front, which you can hook over your thumbs, extending forward like a little tent.

A regular hood is dangerous, because it can block your view when you turn your head. Use one with see through side parts.

Furthermore rain capes allow ventilation underneath, and so they’re the best solution on a warm, rainy day.



 Bicycle Rain Cape “gegen regen” via Allthatiwant Shop


Glitter Chelsea Boots seen on Polyvore


A bicycle crate with rain cover – perfect to protect your belongings (Image: BASIL)

Adjust your braking

Morning routine took you a few minutes later this morning and you’re already late for your 9am meeting? Pleas bike carefully. Bike lanes might me slippery and on wet roads it takes double the amount of time you would normally use to slow or stop. Locking your brakes up quickly will lead to spinning out and losing control.

After the ride: Give your bike some love

For your efforts, you’ll get to ride without any annoying squeaking or grinding noises. Grit from rainy weather will wear down the chain, gears, brakes and rims if not cleaned off. Make sure to apply lube to the chain once you’re done cleaning, so your bike will keep running smoothly.

But after all! Enjoy your ride and stay dry!!!

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Bicycle Halloween 2014

3 Nov

This was our Halloween in Waikiki, Hawaii. Lots of bicycles and creepy looking cycling friends!




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Finish Line: Eye Liner x Cycling

24 Oct



Image: Huffington Post

From a heavy black cat eye to playing with crazy colors – eyeliner has universal appeal and as seen at Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2015 show the statement eyeliner doesn’t go out of style. So best bet is to practice the perfect eye liner wing and you’ll soon be able to rock the darkest lash line. But is it really a good idea to apply eye liner in the morning before biking to work – and especially in wet weather conditions you’re afraid you’ll look like you’re about to enter a halloween party? You have two options: Apply your eye liner when arriving at work (then you can stop reading here) or keep reading further to find out more about our bike-proof eye liner test.


 Image via Pinterest

OscarDeLaRentaSpring2015MakeupOscar de la Renta – Spring 2015 NYFW (Image via Hourglass Cosmetics)


Ok, we agree eye liner and cycling isn’t the best combo and unless you’re wearing goggles, there’s always a remaining risk for your precisely applied eye liner to get smudged.

Risk control: wear a rain cape with a large hood to protect your head and face to limit the risk for your eye liner to smear and for the rest of you to get wet! Then you’re already pretty well prepared!

We’ve picked 5 different eye liners, we’ve been using for a while now to test them for a week on our ride to work in wet weather conditions. And btw THANK GOD IT WAS RAINING ALL WEEK!


Image: Allthatiwant Shop

1) La Roche-Posay RESPECTISSIME Eye-Liner Intense: Love the intense black color. It’s relatively easy to apply and when dried properly it barely smeares. Although when biking through rainy weather the color starts to come off quite easily and you have to reapply the product. Pro: At night the color is very easy to remove and doesn’t leave any traces. Very good for sensitive eyes.

2) MAC Eye Kohl: The eye liner pen is super easy to blend because of its texture. But while it didn’t last all day, it also never looked bad. The color just slowly fades and transfers, but without smudging or flaking. Even cycling through quite heavy rain didn’t do anything bad to it. Though at night, it didn’t wash off so easily.

3) KIKO MILANO – Precision Eye Pencil: The color isn’t very intense but the very affordable Eye Pencil goes on smooth and doesn’t melt off – It really stayed on all day. Although the color faded a tiny bit during the day, it still looked great – after 16 hours at the office and biking to and home from work. Another plus: the price!

4) LIGNE GRAPHIQUE DE CHANEL: Really easy to apply and the deep black color lasts all day under normal conditions. But when biking, sweating and pedalling through the drizzle it came off right away and in fact the CHANEL eye liner didn’t last as long as the other ones we’ve tested.

5) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner – ASPHYXIA: First of all, who needs an eyeliner that stays on 24/7? Besides the marketing efforts the creamy texture glides on smoothly and lasts very well. Though applying it to the inner rims was a bit tricky, since the texture didn’t quite want to stick to the area.

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Culottes are made for cycling

26 Sep

A common use of the word culottes describes a split or divided skirt or any garment which “hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants.” Why are they perfect for cycling? During the Victorian era long split skirts were developed for horseback riding so that women could sit astride a man’s saddle rather than riding side-saddle. Later, split skirts were developed to provide women more freedom to do activities such as bike riding, running etc. and still look like one is wearing a skirt.

Although we love to wear dresses while cycling, culottes are a good looking and stylish alternative to bike friendly dresses and skirts.  Here are our fav style picks:

Culottes are not new to the cycling fashion world. Vintage Cover of Mademoiselle 1958.


Marjorie Woodworth in the 1950’s (Photo:


Street Style: Cropped Culottes (Photo:


Lighter version for warmer days (Photo: Haber 365)

1398177784_087276600_1398177784Graphic culottes (Photo: Elliefrost / Kevin Stamp)



Capes, an Indian Summer Love Affair

25 Sep

The good old cape or poncho [‘pontʃo] is our must-have cycle style item for autumn season. Ponchos look super fashionable with boots, heels, dresses or leggings and provide warmth while remaining breathable and comfortable.


Cycle Style | Carbon Trace


 Adorable Wool Cape | via Pinterest


 Rain Poncho | Cleverhood


Kaja Poncho | Anthropologie


 Capes and Socks | via Baikbike


Love the colours | 24Colours Berlin


Kiboots Poncho with ethnic patterns | Kiboots


Ponchos not only work on a bike | We Heart It


Hand made with lots of love | Allthatiwant Shop

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