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Beach Bound


Part of the Allthatiwant team is based in Honolulu, HI and when it comes to cycling to the beach, there’s probably no one better equipped than Allthatiwant Co-Founder Mela.

“Of course the most mandatory beach essential is SUNSCREEN. Make sure to apply enough in the morning and re-apply several times while sunbathing. It’s really up to your skin type, what kind works best for you and what SPF you should use. My personal favorites are Burn Out Eco-Sensitive Sunscreen available at Whole Foods or hypoallergenic sunscreen from Ladival.

For the ride I prefer to pack light. Put water, sunscreen and snacks in a cotton back pack like the Notabag. When you arrive at the beach it transforms from a backpack into a colorful beach bag with just one pull. Cotton bags also make great beach bags, since they most likely will get wet and sandy and after beach season you can simply put them in the laundry.

More bulky stuff, like a beach blanket, bbq grill or watermelon;) goes into the wooden crate by Fietskrat (the Fietskrat also has a cup and water bottle holder – how awesome is that?)

Saddle Covers are not only for rainy days. They protect your saddle from sand and salt water and when you bike in your swim wear it’s definitely more comfortable.

Outfit: I personally like to combine colorful accessories with flowing fabrics. And on the ride back wider dresses or shirts in light colors can help reduce sweat and help protect you from nasty sunburns.”

Yay to summer and aloha,


Beach Bike Day

Images: Allthatiwant, Pinterest.

The Kit Bike by Lucid Design


For all cycling design lovers with small apartments in uber hip cities: The Kit Bike by Lucid Design. It contains 21 parts, twists apart and back together quite easily and can be transported and stored in a beautiful looking leather backpack. The project received a Red Dot 2014 Design Award earlier this month and let’s hope they are going to produce this sleek bike beauty.


Design Bike

Kit Bike by Lucid Design from Dezeen on Vimeo.


All Images of The Kit Bike by Lucid Design

Radkappe: Keeps Your Head Safe and Your Ponytail In Place


We love to look good on our ride and luckily over the past few years a ton of beautiful gadgets, accessories and design products for style savvy cyclists came on the market. But unfortunately there’s still a lack of affordable hair-friendly bike helmets that not only save your head but also keep your hair in shape.

Some people might argue: “Why do you care so much about your hair? It’s only important that your head is safe.” Yes, that is true – without a doubt. Safety has priority. But why can’t you have both?

We do care about our hair and after following this tutorial video each morning and spending a good amount of time putting your hair in an effortless looking bun (Yes there’s sience in creating a messy bun), there’s no way you want this early-morning-piece-of-art be messed up by your bicycle helmet. Luckily we got introduced to Janna, the founder of radkappe – the helmet that keeps your head AND pony tail safe. For the past 3 years Janna developed the idea of ‘radkappe’ and launched the first collection in April 2014.

We immediately liked the touch and feel of the light-weight helmet and the pastel colors are matching most of our spring and summer outfits.

Top feature: The cut out in the back of the helmet leaves enough space for your bun or pony tail while the helmet shields protect your mascara from rain and wind.

Wanna learn more? Check out the certified helmets in our shop!





t900_Radkappe_Helm_Beige_2_Mit_Gurt t900_Radkappe_Helm_Blau_3

Looks great on guys too:


Sagafest Iceland – Creating a Cultural Movement

Part of the team is flying out to Iceland this week and after spending some time in Reykjavik exploring Icelands thriving fashion and art scene, we’ll be joining Sagafest. On May 23-24 a group of very inspiring people from around the world is coming together to co-create an arts and music festival on the Stokkseyrarsel sustainable farm in Iceland.

The festival serves as a space where people can collect and share stories, and build authentic connections. It will be focused on vulnerability, community, sustainability and transformation. Saga Fest will feature 65+ artists, musicians,  entreprneurs and friends from all over the world, including local showcases of artists and musicians from the villages of Eyrarbakki and Stokkseyri.



“We believe in the power of sharing stories to connect us to each other and our shared purpose.”

“In Iceland, we have been told by scientists, writers, politicians and community leaders that our world is suffering from large-scale challenges like climate change. But many feel that these issues are “too big” to change, and that there isn’t much we can do to build a more thriving and just world.

But we will not idly stand by and accept this fate. We know that a small group of people, driven by shared purpose, can truly catalyze large-scale movements. They always have. Our vision is to help create this community through arts, music and storytelling.”

If you want to learn more about Sagafest and support a great movement and cause check out their Indiegogo campaign here.

Saga Fest Iceland

This photo was taken by Jeremy Vito Ramirez. The photo captures a few of the Sagafest Artists wearing Huck DelSignore’s masks (also an artist-in-residence) as they wander the local black sand beaches.


Iceland SagafestImage source:


SPIN LONDON – You’re invited to a celebration of cycling

Spin London

If you’re in London this weekend, you’re invited to Spin LDN – The Urban Cycle Show, to check out the lastest trends in bike fashion, cycle style and bike innovation. Plus there will be bere and good coffee by Peloton and Co!

Where: You can do all of this at Spin London 2015 | The Sorting Office | New Oxford Street.

See you there bike loving folks!


Vintage Photos of Soba Delivery on Bikes in Japan

Since the 17th century, long before pizza delivery and food trucks existed, deliverymen in Japan use a special technique called Demae for stacking piles of food on their shoulders as they bike to their customers. One popular food is Japanese Sobaa type of thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour, because it is affordable and can be carried around without losing flavor.

As these beautiful vintage photos from the 1950s show, the technique requires from the damae mochi (delivery guy) a tremendous amount of precision and care. They can weave their way through crowded alleys and busy intersections without spilling their bowls. Many of the photos are from shops and restaurants that are still in business.

Vintage Bike Photos Japan VintageFashion4 VintageFashion2 Vintage JapanFood


April Showers – Otto London now available in our shop

…ready to sing in the rain? Wait until you put on your new favorite rain poncho by fashion label Otto London.

Otto Lauterbach and Eleonora Perez are the creators behind Otto have collaborated in many projects together. (Including , painting, photography, sculpture and currently: a family of four:) Eleonora is an artist who inspires herself by working with plastics, colour and movement. Otto has previously worked as a furniture and interior designer. His work has always been recognised as functional art and he believes riding is the way forward.

The Urban Poncho: A slick European-styled, all-weather garment for the urban cyclist inspired by native South American designs. Featuring waterproof Oxford nylon outer, inner grey cotton lining, two-way zip, inner pocket with zip and straps to hold onto handle bar.

Why we ♥ it: The colors. The pieces from the collection come in bright, friendly colors and make you smile while cycling in the rain. The cut: it just fits perfectly. No matter if your walking or cycling. Sometimes rain capes move around whey you cycle or don’t cover your legs while pedalling. But the Urban Poncho stays in shape.

The Urban Poncho comes in different beautiful colors. Check out the Otto London Collection here.

ottolondon_Calido_Pink_20141411101232_CropLrg OttoLondon6 PurpleOtto UrbanYellow

Otto London Rain Poncho

Berliner Fahrradschau 2015 – Happy and exhausted! 

After spending some work and play time in Taiwan we went straight to the Berliner Fahrradschau / Berlin Bicycle Week to celebrate the launch of The Allthatiwant Skirt-Garter “Fantastic Frill” Edition. For the first time we’ve had the chance to present the new edition of the Skirt Garter to a larger audience, with the intention to collect valuable feedback from cyclists and customers.

In addition to The Skirt Garter we brought the “radkappe” – the hair-friendly bike helmet to the show and the combination of the two products at our “BIKE LOVE” themed booth got us lots of great press and media coverage. We have to admit, we were a bit intimidated by industry giants like Canyon or Levi’s. BUT literally the first customer approaching our booth telling us “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” and “this makes my (bike) life so much easier!” gave us a pretty good confidence boost and showed us we’re on the right track! YAY!

But besides being very proud of our booth, having lots of fun and learning tons from other great companies in terms of presenting their products and designs, we’ve met lots of new buyers and stores (for example from Iceland…how cool is that!). Shortly we’ll as well add new products from cool bike and fashion brands we’ve met at the show. So stay tuned for NEW ARRIVALS!

The Skirt Garter

Mela and Eva:Mela Holcomb, Eva Mohr

BIKE LOVE at the Allthatiwant Booth (photo credit:

Cycle Style

Bike Love


Not sure if FREE Gin at the Hendrick’s Bar throughout the entire show had an impact on the team’s sales skills:) (photo credit:
bike gin

The party crew;)