The Good Old Hipster Bun

23 Jul

Probably you haven’t discovered the higher purpose of your summer hairstyle yet. Yes, ponytails are so last year. It’s the hipster bun that makes people talk – literally. But let people think what they want. It’s a great do for meeting new friends up in the air, rocking out on music festivals, hanging by the beach or walking in the park. And we assure you that people will turn their heads next time you’re walking or cycling down the urban runway.

For the perfect bun simply use hair pins or a thin hair band… (Photo credit:

HipsterBun2hipsterbun3hipsterbun5…Or bun it with a vintage scarf (Photo: UO Blog)


Bun’n’Bikes (Photo: UO Blog and Pretty People Pretty Bicycles)


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Sandals : Free Your Toes

22 Jul

We’re flip-flop kind of girls, but in fairness, cycling in flops can be quite tricky. But luckily this season we got our hands (feet) on a pair of Biot Sandals by Totême

The super comfy, handwoven beach sandals with knot detail are designed in collaboration with Gurkee’s and available in “Salute Navy” or “Tan”. The fabric and cut makes you feel like walking on sandy ground on your favorite beach, even when running on concrete while late for work on early tuesday mornings. 

Totême is a new fashion brand by swedish fashion entrepreneur Elin Kling and Karl Lindman, art director of Interview. 




Photo credit: Totême



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Humans of Kabul: Girls Bike Riding Club

21 Jul

Inspiring story from Humans of Kabul and a great example on how bicyles can change the world!


Photo credit: Humans of Kabul

“So, can you tell me what you’re doing here?”
“This bike riding club is to encourage girls to ride here in Kabul. There are so many girls that won’t bike because they think that the culture won’t allow for it, and so they have to walk for long distances instead. Also, there’s not a lot of sports facilities for women, so biking is a great option to exercise.”

“When you bring up the subject of girls biking in Kabul, what kind of reaction do you get?”
“Some people think it’s crazy, because there are not a lot of girls biking here. So we totally understand when people stare at us when we are out riding. But that’s kind of what we want to challenge. We want to bike and bike and bike until people stop staring at us.”

Did You Watch The World Cup?

14 Jul

We did! … and it was a blast.

And what’s the best way to recover from the World Cup? Exactly, riding a bike! Seems like Germany national team nember Lukas Podolski and we are on the same page. #congratsgermanyLukasPodolski


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Allthatiwant Summer Shopping – Store Opening

7 Jul

Yay, we had an amazing opening party of our Allthatiwant Summer Store at 24colours in Cologne, GER with support from our good friends of WEARECITY and drinks from Proviant and WULLE  as well as lovely hand made candy by Zuckerzahn.

Check out the photos and if you’re around come visit our store in Cologne.






All Images by Allthatiwant and

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Bicycle Film Festival NYC June 26th – 29th

27 Jun


This weekend the 14th Annual Bicycle Film Festival is held at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC (32 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003).

“Brendt Barbur, Founding Festival Director, was compelled to start the Bicycle Film Festival when he was hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York City.  He insisted on turning his negative experience into a positive one. In 2001 Barbur started the Bicycle Film Festival as a platform to celebrate the bicycle through music, art and, of course, film.

The Bicycle Film Festival has been a major catalyst for the urban bike movement, one of the most powerful and culturally relevant forces of the last decade.” 

Festival Compilation 2014:

GOODBYE KINGS // Spencer Kohn // USA 4min. (Images: BFF)



Famous fans: Karl Lagerfeld and BFF Founder Brendt Barbur (Photo: BFF)


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Matching Outfits? Do it like the Dadon Sisters

10 Jun

Matching outfits: Yay or nay? YAY! Jess and Stef Dadon, the power sisters from Melbourne who run How Two Live and are known for always wearing almost matching outfits, show us how ‘two’ pull off THE LOOK.

Summer dream: gelato, print leggings, sprinkles… (Photo: How Two Live)


…and cotton candy explosion (Photo: Pinterest)


Or uber cool in black and white… (Photo: How Two Live)

black and white

…riding a sleek track bike (Photo: Pedalboom)


Or Neon and a bit of Chanel (Photo: How Two Live)


…of course on a neon bike (Photo: Pinterest)


Or dressing up as your favorite Disney character… (Photo: How Two Live)


…cruising around on one of those. (Photo: Pinterest)

12f1fb4d6114fa1c7f3382ba05b43eb8-2…and more awesome outfits, styles and what the girls up to on How Two Live.


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Radkappe: Keeps Your Head Safe and Your Ponytail In Place

2 Jun


We love look good on our ride and luckily over the past few years a ton of beautiful gadgets, accessories and design products for style savvy cyclists came on the market. But unfortunately there’s still a lack of affordable hair-friendly bike helmets that not only save your head but also keep your hair in shape.

Some people might argue: “Why do you care so much about your hair? It’s only important that your head is safe.” Yes, this is true - without a doubt. Safety has of course priority. But why can’t you have both?

We do care about our hair and after following this tutorial video each morning and spending a good amount of time putting your hair in an effortless looking bun (Yes there’s sience in creating a messy bun), there’s no way you want this early-morning-piece-of-art be messed up by your bicycle helmet. Luckily we got introduced to Janna, the founder of radkappe - the helmet that saves your head AND pony tail. For the past 3 years Janna developed the idea of ‘radkappe’ and launched the first collection in April 2014.

We immediately liked the touch and feel of the light-weight helmet and the pastel colors are matching most of our spring and summer outfits.

Top feature: The cut out in the back of the helmet leaves enough space for your bun or pony tail while the helmet shields protect your mascara from rain and wind.

Wanna learn more? Check out the certified helmets in our shop!





t900_Radkappe_Helm_Beige_2_Mit_Gurt t900_Radkappe_Helm_Blau_3

Looks great on guys too:


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New York City Bike Style

30 May

Sam Polcer is a magazine editor, writer and photographer and the guy behind Preferred Mode and New York City Bike Style. He’s chasing down the most stylish NYC cyclists on his 1980s 10-speed and as a result we get to meet the coolest and most beautiful bike people on his blog. 


M65_STYLE_NYC_PrefMode_Closing_DPS_Photo-Sam-PolcerM65_STYLE_NYC_PrefMode_Single3_Photo-Sam-Polcer M65_STYLE_NYC_PrefMode_Single5_Photo-Sam-Polcer M65_STYLE_NYC_PrefMode_Single6_Photo-Sam-Polcer M65_STYLE_NYC_PrefMode_Single2_Photo-Sam-Polcer

All images by Sam Polcer | Preferred Mode

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Knit your own bike seat cover

22 May

Channel that inner granny and let the DIY diva out: Come on… get knitting! Until attending a friends knit night, no one in our team was really big into knitting, but now we’re hooked on needles. Scarves, hats, socks, headbands and of course accessories for our bikes.

Ha, and when we were doing more research online on cool knitting projects, we came across this! The Knit Kit – Everything you need to knit your own bike seat cover: needles, wool and a booklet with easy to follow instructions.

Too lazy to knit? Then you can also just get a beautiful bicycle seat cover in our shop. They are pretty awesome too! (and water proof).


 Image: Soulhouse

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