April Showers – Otto London now available in our shop

14 Apr

…ready to sing in the rain? Wait until you put on your new favorite rain poncho by fashion label Otto London.

Otto Lauterbach and Eleonora Perez are the creators behind Otto have collaborated in many projects together. (Including , painting, photography, sculpture and currently: a family of four:) Eleonora is an artist who inspires herself by working with plastics, colour and movement. Otto has previously worked as a furniture and interior designer. His work has always been recognised as functional art and he believes riding is the way forward.

The Urban Poncho: A slick European-styled, all-weather garment for the urban cyclist inspired by native South American designs. Featuring waterproof Oxford nylon outer, inner grey cotton lining, two-way zip, inner pocket with zip and straps to hold onto handle bar.

Why we ♥ it: The colors. The pieces from the collection come in bright, friendly colors and make you smile while cycling in the rain. The cut: it just fits perfectly. No matter if your walking or cycling. Sometimes rain capes move around whey you cycle or don’t cover your legs while pedalling. But the Urban Poncho stays in shape.

The Urban Poncho comes in different beautiful colors. Check out the Otto London Collection here.

ottolondon_Calido_Pink_20141411101232_CropLrg OttoLondon6 PurpleOtto UrbanYellow

Otto London Rain Poncho

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Media Love

2 Apr

What a great birthday gift for our founders Mela and Eva, who both celebrate their birthdays this week. Circle Magazin featured Allthatiwant.com in their current issue about the future of cities and mobility. Thank you Anna Schwarz for the wonderful photos and Katharina Hamacher for the great article!


The Future of MobilityIMG_2196 (1)


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Berliner Fahrradschau 2015 – Happy and exhausted! 

26 Mar

After spending some work and play time in Taiwan we went straight to the Berliner Fahrradschau / Berlin Bicycle Week to celebrate the launch of The Allthatiwant Skirt-Garter “Fantastic Frill” Edition. For the first time we’ve had the chance to present the new edition of the Skirt Garter to a larger audience, with the intention to collect valuable feedback from cyclists and customers.

In addition to The Skirt Garter we brought the “radkappe” – the hair-friendly bike helmet to the show and the combination of the two products at our “BIKE LOVE” themed booth got us lots of great press and media coverage. We have to admit, we were a bit intimidated by industry giants like Canyon or Levi’s. BUT literally the first customer approaching our booth telling us “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” and “this makes my (bike) life so much easier!” gave us a pretty good confidence boost and showed us we’re on the right track! YAY!

But besides being very proud of our booth, having lots of fun and learning tons from other great companies in terms of presenting their products and designs, we’ve met lots of new buyers and stores (for example from Iceland…how cool is that!). Shortly we’ll as well add new products from cool bike and fashion brands we’ve met at the show. So stay tuned for NEW ARRIVALS!

The Skirt Garter

Mela and Eva:Mela Holcomb, Eva Mohr

BIKE LOVE at the Allthatiwant Booth (photo credit: Allthatiwant.com)

Cycle Style

Bike Love


Not sure if FREE Gin at the Hendrick’s Bar throughout the entire show had an impact on the team’s sales skills:) (photo credit: Allthatiwant.com).
bike gin

The party crew;)


Berlin Bicycle Week and Berlin Bike Show

12 Mar


From march 20th-22nd we’ll be at Berliner Fahrradschau /Berlin Bicycle Week. If you’re in Berlin come by our booth at Hall 1 / Booth C13 to get some free bike love. Looking forward to meet you!


Next stop: Taiwan

24 Feb

After a quick stop in Beijing we’ll be exploring Taiwan for the next few weeks. Taiwan is Asia’s top cycling destination and compared with it’s booming design and fashion scene we’re hoping to meet inspiring bike and fashion entrepreneurs and of course bring home some new cycle style inspirations.

Bike Taiwan

Bike BeijingChecking out Beijing’s Bike Sharing Program: Best way to explore a new city!


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Cyclists are Heroes

17 Feb

Best cycling flashmob ever?

“We can’t all ride the Tour de France, but every cyclist deserves a little celebration.”

Video #CyclistsAreHeroes | www.cyclistsareheroes.com

Friends: Phoebe bikes in style

9 Feb

Do you guys remember when in Season 7, Episode 9 Ross finds out that Phoebe never owned a bike so he buys her the prettiest pink bike out there and teaches Phoebe how to ride a bicycle. That’s what true frieds do! Awww ao much love for Ross!


(Image: imdb.com)

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The Story behind the MUSGUARD

7 Feb

Learn more about the people and the idea behind the MUSGUARD – The Rollable Fender and watch the video on VIMEO.

Girls on Bikes – New Collection by Antoniya Ivanova

31 Jan

Check out the gorgeous video Girls on Bikes by Nehemias Colindres for the latest collection of designer Antoniya Ivanova. Absolutely love this.

Watch. Enjoy. Bike. girls-on-bikes(Photo: Iva-Nova)

Sneak Peek: New Balance

14 Jan

Athletic shoes are all over the place and we’ve decided, we’ll spend all spring running and cycling around in sneakers. Especially for long days of work ahead, we tend to go for comfy clothes and shoes.  So investing in a pair of sneakers is your best bet. Our pick: New Balance. The classic design and great color combination make it easy to effortlessly look stylish.


Dutch Bicycle x New Balance Sneaker: Perfect! (Image Source: WhoWhatWear)


New Balance 574 “Blue Candy” (Image source:  Complex.com)


Bike x New Balance x Skirt: Even more perfect. (Image Source: Kenh14)


Casual Spring Outfit for colder days (Image Source: Scent of Obsession)

pepaBiker Jacket and New Balance (Image Source: Lovely Pepa)


Colorful new design. (Image found on The Girl With The Curl)



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