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Winter Cycling: Skin Care For Colder Temperatures

Winter Bike
Image: Unsplash CC0

Low outside temperatures and cold wind in combination with central heating demands heavily on all types of skin during winter season- especially when you bike a lot. It can even get to that point where your skin feels all dry, irritated and sore. But finding the right skin care can be a pain as well. Over the past years of cycling and commuting by bike, our team tried lots of different lotions and moisturizers, but most of them simply didn’t do the job. Either they dried off too quickly, were to oily to use with make up, or even made the skin feel worse.

Every skin type has different needs, but for most skin-types you can stick to the rule: lots of moist with long-term hydration as an important element to youthful, radiant glow during the colder months.

Winter Facial Care
Image: Kristin Vogt | CC0

Here’s a selection of products/brands our team is using and that help us maintain a healthy looking skin all winter long.

1) Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream: guess what? Supposed to protect and hydrate skin for up to eight hours. Well, it actually does last that long and that’s why it’s our all-time favorite skincare multi-tasker. Put on lips and dry spots in the morning before your ride and in addition apply 2 or 3 times a week on entire face before going to bed to reduce redness and irritation.

elizabeth arden

2) Hydreane Legere La Roche Posay:

  • Extra rich nourishing texture
  • PERFECT to use under make up
  • Paraben-free.

La Roche Posay Allthatiwant

3) Aveeno Daily Moisturizer with chamomile. Bonus: won’t blow your budget.

aveeno moisturizer Allthatiwant

5) La Mer Cream with Sea Silt Extract: soothes cracked and irritated skin and leaves it soft and smooth. Provides lasting hydration although it’s very heavy to use with make up.

La Mer Allthatiwant

6) Organic Coconut Oil (Trader Joe’s): smells like beach and summer vacation and helps chapped skin to heal faster. Put a little bit on very dry skin before going to bed.


PHOTO CREDIT: Trader Joe’s

Thousand: The bike helmet you actually want to wear

We were searching the bicycle and fashion world for a golden bicycle helmet for as long as we can think…And finally we’ve found one: The new bike helmet collection by California based brand Thousand is made for city and urban cycling. Featuring a sleek matte finish, vegan leather straps and an easy to open magnetic locking.

The helmets just arrived in our shop last week and are available in “Stay Golden” and “Carbon Black“.

Thousand launched a cool design driven bike helmet you actually want to wear. It is light-weight, doesn’t look bulky like most helmets and our favorite part: You don’t have to carry it around. It features the secret poplock (patent pending). Simply pop out the top on the side and you can lock the helmet with your bicycle.


California Stay Golden Bike Helmet Thousand

Poplock Bike Helmet

The Story of the Thousand bike helmet

Designer, Founder and long time city cyclist Gloria Hwang said she was never a fan of wearing a helmet. Like most of us fashion-conscious people she thought they look bulky and simply not stylish. But after the loss of a friend, she knew she needed to change and from now on needs to act responsible. So Gloria emptied her savings account and convinced her friends to help her build Thousand and create the bicycle helmet she wants.

Learn more about Thousand in our shop! It’s available in 3 sizes and with coupon CYCLELOVE you save 10%!

Stay Golden Bike Helmet Thousand

Bike Helmet Flatlay


The Original Notabag – NEW COLLECTION

Be Seen. Be Safe.

Two cool additions just arrived in our online store this week. The original Notabag – Reflective and the Notabag -Kids collection.

Be Seen – Be Safe: The Notabag Reflective

The Reflective Notabag is a smart combination of a bag and a backpack made from high visibility reflective material. Just like the original Notabag, it transforms from a bag to a backpack simply with a pull on the straps.

Wearing reflective clothing or accessories adds extra safety on the street by making cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, or pretty much anyone carrying it visible in the dark.

Notabag Bike Allthatiwant Shop

NOW IN STORE: The Notabag – KIDS

The Notabag for little cyclists is simply a smaller version of its bigger sister. It is a perfect companion for children size 122cm – 164cm (age 6+) and ideal for field trips, outdoor activities or fun bike rides. Available in fun colors and also in two reflective version.

notabag-kids notabag_backpackview_yellow_97a3f28f-f22d-4bf8-8afa-94e736b7661f_grande notabag_kids_product_refl_mint_backpack_dark_grande


Interview Series “Cycling Unites” By GESTALTEN

We’re very very pumped to be part of this: When Eva (Our Co-Founder) meets Jenni Gwiazdowski from London Bike Kitchen AND german actor Jürgen Vogel meets Mimi Kathrein (Road Racer) on camera we call this Bike Love Explosion.

Gestalten Verlag Bike

Under the credo “Cycling Unites”, the well-known publishing house GESTALTEN teamed up with Berlin Bicycle Week to bring together bicycle enthusiasts from around the world and had them find their common ground—on camera. Watch the video series here:


GESTALTEN is a publishing house specializing in developing content for aficionados of cutting-edge visual culture worldwide and is best known for our more than 500 books that document and anticipate vital movements in design, illustration, architecture, and typography as well as urban and contemporary art.

Meet Jacqui Ma – Founder of Goodordering, London

Designer Jaqui Ma


Goodordering is a small independent bag company run out of a flat on top of a bike shop in East London. Founded in 2012 Goodordering was started by designer and avid cyclist Jacqui Ma, who previously has worked for product design consultancies and brands such as Puma and Jasper Conran.

What does Goodordering stands for?

“The brand name comes from the joy and satisfaction of ordering well at a restaurant. Our family often went out for meals together and after a very satisfying meal, we would all call out ‘Good ordering!’ to mum. This brand incorporates all the values of family get-togethers and those captured moments of happiness,” says Jaqui.

The collection feautures backpacks, laptop cases and panniers, inspired by Japanese school bags and airline bags from the 70s and 80s. The clean outlines embody a retro sports vibe, and the modern details and weatherproof fabrics fuse a nostalgic sports aesthetic with the urban-suburban landscape. With its clean outlines and geometric angles the designs are also influenced by Bauhaus design.

What we love about it: The combination of functionality and aesthetics. Each bag has been designed with technological gadgets in mind and features padded compartments and pockets of different shapes and sizes.

Want to learn more? Check out the collection here.

Goodordering Bags bike

GIRLPOWER: Celebrating All-Girl Bike Gangs


Today the Allthatiwant office in Honolulu took a day off to cruise along the beautiful North Shore of Oahu! Hawaii is not necessarily a place where a lot of people bike so I was very excited to meet lots of new bicycle ladies and their bikes!

Reason enough to dedicate a blog post to my new bicycle gang! Because life is so much more fun when you are part of a girl bike gang! #GIRLPOWER








All photos by Mela Holcomb //


Spray.Bike: Give your bike a summer makeover

Spray Bike

I love all of my bicycles. Every single one of them. But with my long-time friend, a 1982 german Schauff city bike, I have a very special connection. My dad gave this bicycle to my mum before I was born and ever since it’s in our family.

Over the years the frame and everything got a bit rusty and also I had to change parts here and there. But the 30 year old Brooks saddle and white frame always remained the same.

Back in march I was at Berliner Fahrradschau and spoke with the guys from Brick Lane Bikes about their new project. Spray.Bike. I really wanted to give it a try, so I took two bottles of Spray Bike with me. A few weekends I had a DIY-pimp-my-bike-make-over-session with my old Schauff Bike.

How it works & my experience with Spray.Bike

In the instructions it says the frame doesn’t need major pre-prep. And in fairness I was also to lazy, so I just cleaned the frame, removed all the parts and stickers and started spraying.

For best results apply Spray.Bike from a distance of 5-12 centimetres, because then the paint is semi-wet and the pigment is perfectly primed to do its job properly. Under 5 centimetres, faults can occur. After 12 or 14 centimetres the paint will have turned into a dry powder dust with little adhesion at all. Application is really easy and the colors turned out great and covered the scratches on my old frame very well.

Available colors: You can choose from 24 solid matte Spray.Bike shades. I used Primrose Hill and Plumstead. Here’s the list of available colors.

Durability: I didn’t use any finish product and like mentioned didn’t prepare the frame beforehand. But the results are great and even though the paint has a few scratches, which I think is mostly because I ride this bike everyday and don’t always treat it very carefully 🙂

Summary: It’s such a fun product and I really enjoyed the DIY afternoon giving my bike a new look. I’m totally happy with my “new bike” definitely get lots of comments on the color. Not sure if I would spray my 1500€ road bike frame with it, but mainly because I’m probably not the most patient and talented spray painter.

Spray Bike Frame Preparation

Spray Bike London Colors

Spray Bike Primrose Hill

Spray Bike Finish DIY

Spray Bike Finish Colors


Finish Line: Eyeliner x Cycling

From a heavy black cat eye to playing with crazy colors – eyeliner has universal appeal and as seen at Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2015 show the statement eyeliner doesn’t go out of style. So best bet is to practice the perfect eye liner wing and you’ll soon be able to rock the darkest lash line. But is it really a good idea to apply eyeliner in the morning before biking to work? Especially in wet weather conditions chances are high you’ll look like you’re about to enter a halloween party! You have two options: Apply your eyeliner when arriving at work (then you can stop reading here) or keep reading further to find out more about the perfect eyeliner for cycling.


OscarDeLaRentaSpring2015MakeupOscar de la Renta –  NYFW (Image via Hourglass Cosmetics)


Ok, we agree eyeliner and cycling isn’t the best combo and unless you’re wearing goggles, there’s always a remaining risk for your precisely applied eye liner to get smudged.

Risk control: wear a rain cape with a large hood to protect your head and face to limit the risk for your eye liner to smear and for the rest of you to get wet! Then you’re already pretty well prepared!

We’ve picked 5 different eye liners, we’ve been using for a while now to test them for a week on our ride to work in wet weather conditions. And btw THANK GOD IT WAS RAINING ALL WEEK!


Image: Allthatiwant Shop

1) La Roche-Posay RESPECTISSIME Eyeliner Intense: Love the intense black color. It’s relatively easy to apply and when dried properly it barely smeares. Although when biking through rainy weather the color starts to come off quite easily and you have to reapply the product. Pro: At night the color is very easy to remove and doesn’t leave any traces. Very good for sensitive eyes.

2) MAC Eye Kohl: The eyeliner pen is super easy to blend because of its texture. But while it didn’t last all day, it also never looked bad. The color just slowly fades and transfers, but without smudging or flaking. Even cycling through quite heavy rain didn’t do anything bad to it. Though at night, it didn’t wash off so easily.

3) KIKO MILANO – Precision Eye Pencil: The color isn’t very intense but the very affordable Eye Pencil goes on smooth and doesn’t melt off – It really stayed on all day. Although the color faded a tiny bit during the day, it still looked great – after 16 hours at the office and biking to and home from work. Another plus: the price!

4) LIGNE GRAPHIQUE DE CHANEL: Really easy to apply and the deep black color lasts all day under normal conditions. But when biking, sweating and pedalling through the drizzle it came off right away and in fact the CHANEL eye liner didn’t last as long as the other ones we’ve tested.

5) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner – ASPHYXIA: First of all, who needs an eyeliner that stays on 24/7? Besides the marketing efforts the creamy texture glides on smoothly and lasts very well. Though applying it to the inner rims was a bit tricky, since the texture didn’t quite want to stick to the area.