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EUROBIKE 2015 starts today


The EUROBIKE 2015 is held from August 26th – 29th in Friedrichshafen. The show is the world`s leading trade fair for the cycling industry. Trends, innovations, companies and journalists from all over the world will be spending the week in the south of germany.

As every year we’re particularly excited about the EUROBIKE AWARD presentation. The award enjoys high international prestige and is the leading design award for companies in the bike industry. This years winners will be displayed in a special showcase in Foyer West on 29 August until the end of the show. As usual, the Gold and Green Awards will be presented on stage at 6 p.m. on the evening of the first day of the show.

Stay tuned for more!


Explore Berlin by Bike

Part of the team spend a few days in Berlin. While one half of the “travel group” discovered the city, talked about, met up with business partners and got the Bicycle Skirt Garter into new stores, the other half went on a 80km bike ride towards Airport Tempelhof.

The Tempelhofer Feld is a 386 hectare open space that served as Tempelhof Airport until 2008. The former airport area has since been home to a number of events including Berlin Fashion Week and Berlin Design Week. Now the area has been turned into a popular recreation area for families, cyclists, kite flyers, joggers or dog owners. Riding with your bike along the airplane lanes is such a surreal experience. The open wide space, beautiful concrete structures, sunny weather and cycling on empty, tree-lined roads back into the city, made this the perfect ride.


Berlin Fashion

Bike Ride Berlin



Berlin Airport

Berlin Airport1

Finish line: Back in the city!



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Estonia, Finland, Fashion and Flow

The week before FLOW Festival in Helsinki, we got to spend a few days cycling in Estonia and eating, sleeping, reading and simply doing nothing in the finnish countryside.

In Tallinn we got to check out “JOOKS Rattastuudio”, a bike studio located in the cool area of F-Hoone / Telliskivi Loomelinnak Creative City, an old industrial area with small boutiques, pop-up stores and cafes. JOOKS Rattastuudio carries Pelago, Erenpreiss Bicycles and accessory brands including Brooks and “The Hövding”. The rest of the day we explored estonian design and discovered local fashion and furniture designers. The area is easily accessible by train or a 15 min walk from the city center.

Tallinn has a great cycle scene. When you plan a trip to the city definitely check out for bike events and rides.

Another reason why you should cycle in Tallinn: There are plenty of good restaurants in the city and the amount of delicious food you will get to eat, makes you wanna go on a ride immediately. Our favorite: Rataskaevu 16. Fresh and creative cuisine and very friendly and stylish staff. Wow, and with their home-made artisan bread they baked their way into our hearts.

Bike Style Tallinn – Ride for the day:

Tallin Bicycle Week



Jooko Rattastudio Tallinn:

Jooks Rattastudio Tallin


Interior Design Tallinn:

Estonian Interior Design


Bike entrepreneurs of Tallin. When you’re shopping in Tallin you can call this cool dude to help you carry the goods home:

Bike Tallin


…And then off to Finland!

No Finland trip without Marimekko:



Beautiful finnish landscape: Bike Finland

Bike Finland


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The new Go-To Bag

Why we love the new boho bags: Innovative shape with cool fringe detail, bucket silhouette, clean white hue and most important: Easy to carry when riding your bike.


Gigi Hadid has one (Photo: Harper’s Bazaar)

Gigi Hadid

Grace Atelier bag, $995, Available at

Gigi Hadid's Go-To Bag


Boho Bag with Fringe Detail, €79 (available on

Boho Bag with fringe detail


Photo: Clara Hedwig

Take your bike on a glamping trip!

Well, we love to get out of the city on weekends and obviously spend lots of time in the country side to explore mountains, fields and forests by bike. But when it comes to staying over night we prefer a proper bed over sleeping bag and tent. And luckily glamping became a thing: The perfect combination of campfire smell, waking up to the sound of birds chirping, a comfortable bed and  …yes… a hair dryer. Especially after a long bike ride, there’s nothing better than a shower, being able to rest properly and having a place to escape from mosquitos. WE LOVE GLAMPING!

Btw. check out – The world’s leading authority on everything glamping!Camping by bike


Camping Van Glamping

Image: Amber Apple

Cycling and Camping

Restored 1961 Shasta Compact (Little Suzy Shasta) Image:

CAMPING Weekend VintageImage:

vintage Bike Camping

White vintage camper and lovely bike to match. Image: Remain Simple

Tour de France 2015

Running from Saturday July 4th to Sunday July 26th 2015, the Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,360 kilometres. Wow! The tour will reach Cambrai in France on tuesday 7th!

We’ll keep it easy and rather enjoy some french treats while watching the Tour on TV! (Frommage and croissants formerly known as the best doping ever!)


Frommage and Bikes. Two of our faves! Photo: Tassels


Bike Burgundy

Burgundy, France (Photo: Allana Fallon)


Photo: // PUBLIC Bikes




Beach Bound


Part of the Allthatiwant team is based in Honolulu, HI and when it comes to cycling to the beach, there’s probably no one better equipped than Allthatiwant Co-Founder Mela.

“Of course the most mandatory beach essential is SUNSCREEN. Make sure to apply enough in the morning and re-apply several times while sunbathing. It’s really up to your skin type, what kind works best for you and what SPF you should use. My personal favorites are Burn Out Eco-Sensitive Sunscreen available at Whole Foods or hypoallergenic sunscreen from Ladival.

For the ride I prefer to pack light. Put water, sunscreen and snacks in a cotton back pack like the Notabag. When you arrive at the beach it transforms from a backpack into a colorful beach bag with just one pull. Cotton bags also make great beach bags, since they most likely will get wet and sandy and after beach season you can simply put them in the laundry.

More bulky stuff, like a beach blanket, bbq grill or watermelon;) goes into the wooden crate by Fietskrat (the Fietskrat also has a cup and water bottle holder – how awesome is that?)

Saddle Covers are not only for rainy days. They protect your saddle from sand and salt water and when you bike in your swim wear it’s definitely more comfortable.

Outfit: I personally like to combine colorful accessories with flowing fabrics. And on the ride back wider dresses or shirts in light colors can help reduce sweat and help protect you from nasty sunburns.”

Yay to summer and aloha,


Beach Bike Day

Images: Allthatiwant, Pinterest.