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Can you draw a bicycle?

Turns out most people don’t know how to draw a bicycle. Gianluca Gimini, a designer from Bologna, collected 376 bicycle drawings from people of all ages and backgrounds.

Back in 2009 he began asking people to draw him a bicycle, by heart. Soon he noticed that when most people have a very hard time remembering exactly how a bike is made.
In 2016 Gianluca eventually decided to turn this into an actual design challenge.
He selected the sketches that he found most interesting, genuine and diverse, then rendered them as if they were real. He became the executor of these two minute product design projects by people who were mainly non-designers and confirmed his beautiful suspicion: EVERYONE, regardless of age, job and education, can come up with extraordinary, wild, new and at times brilliant inventions.

Facts and stats: 

  • total number of collected bicycles: 376
  • youngest participant: 3 y.o.
  • oldest participant: 88 y.o.
  • different nationalities of participants: 7
  • bicycles facing left: 75 %
  • bicycles facing right: 25 %

Here’s a small selection of the designs. For more check out  Gianluca’s work on

Bike drawing

bike drawing

Bike Project Design

How to draw a bike 2

Bike drawing art

Bike Art Design Behance

All images: Gianluca Gimini |

Fresh Arrivals: The Notabag in new spring colors!

Notabag Spring Collection


Ohweeeee…. Spring is here! And we’re so excited about the new collection of this years German Design Award Winner NOTABAG: peach and mint are our colors of the season and we can’t wait to take them out for a picnic ride this weekend.

Wanna get yours? Visit our shop and receive 10% off with coupon code CYCLELOVE.

“This Smart Transforming Tote Is the Only Grocery Bag You’ll Ever Need”

Shop Now at

Notabag New Colors

Notabag Peach



Berlin Bicycle Week and Fahrradschau 2016

Fahrradschau logo

Berliner Fahrradschau


“The Haute-Couture show of bicycles fairs.” (Tobias Singer GQ Magazine (DE)).

The past 2 weeks were exciting and exhausting at the same time. At the end of march we made our way to Berlin to showcase some of our products at Berliner Fahrradschau 2016. Being at the show is a great way for us to directly receive customer feedback, watch customers try out our products, meet new lifestyle, fashion and bicycle related brands while simply having a great time surrounded by like minded people.

Bike Love


And even though the show is becoming bigger every year, it’s more a family and friends gathering for us. All our favorite brands like Musguard, Gravity Check, Goodordering or Mika Amaro were around and every year we get to meet more cool bike and fashion friends.

For example Zsofi, Agi and Viri from Paperspokes. The architects design beautiful handcrafted wooden bicycle crates. Weatherproof, functional, eco friendly and good looking. (Photos by Paperspokes).

Founders Bike Paperspokes

Paperspokes Crates


Or the wonderful people from Velo-Oh, Greta and Zulfi. Vel-Oh is a cycling couture brand that redefines the nature of how we commute in style. Each product is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship pairing the heritage of the UK woven industry with the creativity and innovative design experiences of the founders.

Founders Velo-Oh



…and there was of course lots of cycling: Try out for the new Mika Amaro model!

Eva Mohr

Looking good at the show: Reflective Rainskirt by CAROOO

Rain Skirt Reflective

London Bike Kitchen Seeks Second Classroom

London Bike Kitchen

Hackney not-for-profit bike workshop rolls out crowdfunder

Please help our friends from London Bike Kitchen expand and fund a second workshop a.k.a superhero home located a few doors down from their current space on the New Era Estate in Hoxton. The second classroom will be a boon to their popular classes and DIY bike repairs. However, the new shopfront is in dire need of refurbishment, and the rent deposit and legal fees will also need to be covered. LBK launched a crowdfunder on Friday 4 March, their fourth birthday, to raise money for start up costs and renovation. They’re 45% of the way there, with 16 days left in their fundraiser.

“Our social landlord has offered us a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand into a second workshop. LBK is celebrating its fourth birthday this March, so we’ve been doing something right! But this past winter season hit us hard so we’re crowdfunding to get the workshop set up. Our current space is small but mighty – a second space means we can teach more people and become a more sustainable business.” says Director Jenni Gwiazdowski.

The second workshop will be a huge help in the summer when there’s more demand on classes and drop-in sessions. Currently LBK’s popular Build Your Own Bike (BYOB) class is sold out months in advance, and a new classroom will allow them to accommodate more students. It will also introduce capacity to carry out repairs for people who don’t have time to do it themselves. There are plans to start parent/child workshops, as well as OAP drop-in sessions.

“The second workshop will let us teach more one-on-one classes in a separate workshop, rather than simultaneously teaching drop-in students.” says LBK instructor and mechanic Seb Achaibou.

Volunteers have already been contributing to the cause – an architect, electrician, and designer are already on board, and there are a number of people signed up to help with the cleanup and painting. More volunteers are welcome, and can get in touch with LBK to offer help.

The small not-for-profit bike workshop has just a few days left to raise the remaining 8,000 pounds.

Read more about the Crowdfunding Campaign here!

About London Bike Kitchen

London Bike Kitchen is a do-it-together open workshop in Hackney, London. They run drop-in sessions and classes so that people can learn how to fix their own bikes. LBK believes that if people understand how their bikes work, they will be more likely to ride their bike. They work with the local community, charities, and schools in order to reach more marginalised people who want to learn how to take care of their bikes.

London Bike Kitchen

Celebrating International Women’s Day in great fashion

The Teddy Girls

Photo: | Ken Russel: The Last of the Teddy Girls

Why did we choose this particular photo?

The Teddy Girls (also known as Judies) a 1950s rebel youth subculture in Britain characterized by an unlikely style of dress inspired by the aristocratic flamboyancy of Edwardian dandies mixed with the rebellious attitude of rock’n roll. Sharply-suited Teds (whose name derives from ‘Edwardian’) look remarkably smart to a contemporary eye – particularly when positioned against fellow groups of teenagers, like the punks for instance – but their reality was more rebellious than it initially seems.

Who doesn’t love a kick-ass female (vintage) inspiration? We’re (style) inspired by the 1950s gang and celebrating International Women’s Day in great fashion!

About the Photo: 
In 1955 the Ken Russel created a series called “The Last of the Teddy Girls”, which featured photographs taken against the war-torn backdrop of London’s East End. The images are one of the first reportage series to be made of British youth culture, presenting pictures of working class girls in Neo-Edwardian dress

Afghan women’s cycling team nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Prize Afghan womens cycling team

This is true women power! Across Europe and America it might be normal for women to ride bicycles, but in Afghanistan (and other countries ad well) women suffer accusations of immorality and threats of violence just for riding a bike. The Afghan women’s cycling team does it anyway, and for that they’ve been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by members of the Italian parliament. 

The team has used the bike for fighting for social justice and peace and against violence and social stigma. For them the bicycle is a symbol of freedom and independence.  

Learn more about the Team here: Mountain2Mountain or check out the film project “Afghan Cycles”.

Film recommendation: “Afghan Cycles”

“Afghan Cycles” is a documentary that tells the story of brave afghan women who challenge gender barriers and put their life at risk for the pleasure of riding a bicycle. 

The documentary is directed by Sarah Menzies and produced by Shannon Galpin, Anna Brones, Jenny Nichols, Sarah Menzies.

For us it is a film about inspiring strong women made by inspiring women!

Image courtesy: Mountain2Mountain

Meet Jacqui Ma – Founder of Goodordering, London

Designer Jaqui Ma


Goodordering is a small independent bag company run out of a flat on top of a bike shop in East London. Founded in 2012 Goodordering was started by designer and avid cyclist Jacqui Ma, who previously has worked for product design consultancies and brands such as Puma and Jasper Conran.

What does Goodordering stands for?

“The brand name comes from the joy and satisfaction of ordering well at a restaurant. Our family often went out for meals together and after a very satisfying meal, we would all call out ‘Good ordering!’ to mum. This brand incorporates all the values of family get-togethers and those captured moments of happiness,” says Jaqui.

The bags: The collection feautures backpacks, laptop cases and panniers, inspired by Japanese school bags and airline bags from the 70s and 80s. The clean outlines embody a retro sports vibe, and the modern details and weatherproof fabrics fuse a nostalgic sports aesthetic with the urban-suburban landscape. With its clean outlines and geometric angles the designs are also influenced by Bauhaus design.

What we love about it: The combination of functionality and aesthetics. Each bag has been designed with technological gadgets in mind and features padded compartments and pockets of different shapes and sizes.

Want to learn more? Check out the collection here.

Goodordering Bags bike

The Notabag wins GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016

Notabag german design winner


…And the winner is…

Congrats to our friends at NOTABAG: The winners of the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016, category: Fashion and Lifestyle.

“The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the German Design Council. Its goal: discovering, presenting and awarding unique design trends. Every year, top-quality submissions from product and communications design are awarded, all of which are in their own way ground-breaking in the international design landscape. The German Design Award, started in 2012, is already one of the best-known design competitions in the world and is held in high regard well beyond professional circles. ”

We can’t think of a better recognition for all their hard work, creativity and persistence to succeed, while never loosing their passion and love for good design!

What is NOTABAG:

It’s a smart combination of a bag and a backpack. With a single pull on the straps, it transforms itself from a sleek eco-friendly bag to an easy-to-carry backpack. Learn more about Notabag and view the new collection here.


The NOTABAG: The perfect accessory to make your daily bike life easier!



The NOTABAG x Bookman – Reflective

Reflective Bag Pack Brooklyn


Images by NOTABAG

The CYCLE STYLE Collection // Spring 2016

Goodbye winter, hello spring, WELCOME BACK. A new start for everything and time for new designs in our shop. Our new CYCLE STYLE Collection for example features beautiful colorful dresses by Mio Animo as well as cosmetics and nail polish by eco conscious brand benecos.

We want to help you to make your bike ride and city life more beautiful. The dresses, shirts and sweaters featured in the collection are made for an active and busy lifestyle. Just picture yourself on your morning bicycle commute: You want light and breathable fabrics, bright colors and sportive but feminine designs. During the day you want to look elegant and feel comfortable at the same time.

Check out the new designs from the New Spring Collection and let us know what you think!




FUGI Dress by MIO ANIMO made in Berlin

Batwing dress

Batwing Dress by MIO ANIMO


Calyx Sweatshirt Mio Animo

CALYX Shirt by Mio Animo



View Collection