Thundress: Coochie-friendly Underwear

Coochie Friendly Underwear


Our mission is to find clothes that help you to feel beautiful in your (bike)life. Today we have a closer look at what you probably put on first thing every morning. Yes, that’s right! Today I’m getting in your pants.  …so let’s talk underwear. 

Laying the foundations:

Underwear is not something that many people think about on a regular basis, but they should: Because choosing the right underwear has major influence on your comfort level (just think about that annoying panty ride-up) and can even affect your health. How? Your underwear is the closest garment to our skin but most chemicals that are used to make, dye and clean fabric contain toxins. The chemicals in underwear fabric work pretty similar to a nicotine patch, that releases nicotine into the body through the skin, Tylea Richard – founder of coochie-friendly underwear brand Thundress explains. And when you ride your bike (and sweat) chemicals get absorbed to your body even quicker.

The solution: Non-toxic underwear

“What’s good for the chachas is what is good for the planet, and visa-versa! – Tylea Richard

Tylea is a true badass and I can confidently say: this is definitely not another green washing “ethical” product brand on the market, telling us to save the world by buying their product. I’ve known Tylea since we were working together for the same company and with Thundress she combines two of her biggest passions: women’s health and sustainable fashion. She truly lives what she’s talking about and in my opinion this project couldn’t be more authentic or more “her”.

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More deets about Thundress:

100% organic cotton fabric. Gynecologists and your grandmother agree, 100% cotton underwear is the best fabric for your cooter. It’s breathable and less likely to cause irritation. Organic means less impact on the planet and on your poontang.

Chemical-free coochie. Thundress believes that your private parts should be a chemical-free zone. That’s why they use fiber-reactive dyes that are free of Azo and other toxic compounds. And the inside lining — the “snatch patch” —  is always made from unbleached and undyed 100% organic cotton.

Ethically made.  They partner with a factory in North Carolina for production. “We love the hyper-local supply chain (our fabric mill is in North Carolina too! ) plus, it gives us a chance to really get to know the people who are making our undies.”

Thundress Shirt

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