The Urban Pedal

Have you ever biked to work in leather flats or high heels? And you’ve experienced the painful “what the f*** feeling”, when you slip off the pedal and hit yourself in the shin and not only end up with black and blue bruises but also with a run in your new favorite pair of tights? OUCH! …and yes…WTF!!!

A few months ago we met Ali Barjesteh, former BMX professional and founder of Moto Bicycles in Berlin to talk about his invention: The Urban Pedal. We were absolutely blown away by how much passion he puts into his project. That’s exactly the people we want to work with and we are proud to present Moto Bicycles in our shop.

But what is The Urban Pedal?

“Our objective was to design an ergonomic pedal with compact dimensions, low weight, minimum complexity and maximum safety that also scores points for great design” says Ali and created with a team of engineers the perfect platform pedal for everyday cycling and last year’s winner of the ISPO Design Award.

…but what really got us hooked on the pedal: riding barefoot! Since part of our team moved out to Hawaii and starts the day with cycling to the beach, we can assure its the most comfortable and safe pedal you will ever ride with!

Biking barefoot with the Moto Pedal: there is nothing that makes us happier.

The design: ingeniously simple

LOVE the packaging.

All product images by Moto Bicycles, all other images via Pinterest

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