Sada Bike – Folds down to the size of an Umbrella

Traveling the world and taking your bike with you?  Italian designer Gianluca Sada’s hubless bikes redefine compactness and make traveling, and carrying your bike everywhere you go even easier, in a sleek and very stylish way. 

The folding action is initiated simply by pushing forward on the saddle. The wheels detach and aren’t part of the umbrella-sized package, although Sada has plans for them.

He envisions the folded bike being carried in an included backpack, and the two wheels would serve as the supporting structure. Since the wheels have no hubs or spokes, there would be room inside the backpack to carry other items, besides the folded bike frame.

Sada has been working on the foldable bike since 2008 and is now looking for investors to help bring it to production.

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See the bike in action:

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