The MUSGUARD – A Rollable Bike Rear Fender


We’re girls and yes, we sometimes rather have a pretty looking bike than thinking about functionality. A good friend once asked me to go bike shopping with her and I gave her the very professional advice: “as long as it has your favorit color and you can wear a dress on it, you’re all set.”

Another example: I always thought bikes just look more sleek and elegant without rear fender. But I am telling you, this is a statement I immediately took back arriving at work with the back view of my favorite coat looking like a Jackson Pollock painting.

So the designers of the MUSGUARD – the rollable bike rear fender made our hearts leap for joy when they presented their product for the first time in public last weekend in Berlin. You can easily adjust the fender on any bike and after the ride simply roll up the MUSGUARD and put it on your key chain or in your pocket. The flexible hard plastic is water-reppellent and offers almost no adhesion for dirt particles and rainwater, and if you bike to work through heavy dirt such as swamps or forest;) just use a tissue to wipe off the dirt.

We simply love the idea, the minimalistic design approach and the high functionality, that really makes our lives easier. And we are positive, you’ll hear more from the great designers of MUSGUARD in the near future.



Musguard_BlogAllthatiwant1 All images by MUSGUARD

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