The Covertible: 2in1 City Cargo Bike

Currently we’re looking into adding a cargo bike into our (Bicycle Family). But design and look for us is almost as important as the usability. During our research we came across the Convercycle – a 2in1 multi City Bike which can easily be folded into a cargo bicycle.

In its folded position its compact size is no different to a regular bike. Therefore it is easy to ride, park and lock at your destination since you don’t have the issues with finding parking for your cargo bike. And besides being easy to transform it maintains the look of a sleek city bike.

The idea behind Convercycle: “To renounce the car in a city isn‘t that hard in everyday life. Traffic jam, few parking lots and air pollution are good reasons for cycling. However, if there are bigger objects to be transported one easily jumps to the car. 

The two conditions of the Convercycle eBike make it adaptable, flexible and spontaneous for different fields of application. This is also a plus compared to a trailer. With different systemic add-ons like a lockable box the Convercycle adapts to the needs of the driver.” 

Common cargo bikes are usually a solution but they are tricky to handle due to their size. Steering gets hard when the weight is located on the front wheel. The bike‘s size makes it impossible to secure in bicycle racks, transport on a train or take inside a lift. For these reasons many people find them not suitable for daily use. 

We love the idea and sleek design and can’t wait for the bike to be available. Check out their indiegogo campaign and learn more about the design process and the team behind “Convercycle”. The bike will be available for shipping february 2020 as eBike (electric) or as a “standard” Bike Version.

All images: Convercycle