Take Your Bike Out For Coffee

The perfect weekend has two things involved: coffee and cycling. So why not combine the two things and take your bike out to your new favorite Bicycle Café…you might even get it fixed while sipping on a cafe latte. Here are some of the bicycle cafes around the world we’ve tested so far and we’re happy for any other suggestions.


Standert Bicycles in Berlin (Quelle: Standert)


Origo Coffee Shop in Bucharest (Photo: departmentofcoffee)Cafe04 (1)

Dosnoventa in Barcelona (Photo: Dosnoventa)


Rapha Cycling Club London (Photo: Brinkworth)Cafe02 (1)

Look Mum no Hands in London (Photo: Look Mum no Hands)


Heritage Bicycles General Store in Chicago (Photo: Melissa O’Neal)

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