Skylock your Bicycle


A passion for creating simple yet elegant products and the passion for technology and urban mobility is what brought together the team behind Skylock and what made us become interested in the product. The Skylock, designed and developed by former Boeing and Jawbone engineers, is about to enter the competition and bring bike protection to the next level. The crowd-funding campaign just launched this week and the lock probably won’t be available for sale for a while. But to get you excited about the Skylock, here are the main (awesome) features:

Unlock your bike

Skylock connects to your phone so you never have to worry about losing a key. The lock uses Bluetooth 4.0. Via the Skylock’s smartphone app, you can press a button to unlock the lock. Or set it up using Auto-Unlock, to have Skylock sense your approach to automatically unlock for you, without having to reach for your phone.

Anti-theft Alert System

In addition to being as strong as a U-lock, Skylock has built-in accelerometers and Wi-Fi. When you lock up your bike, you can connect the lock to a nearby Wi-Fi network, so if someone tries to steal your bike, the accelerometers will detect it, and send push notifications to your phone. If there isn’t a nearby network it still works over Bluetooth, but you’d have to be within 15 meters. Not sure if that’s still as helpful, because then you might as well just watch it, but anyhow this is still an awesome feature.

Sharing is caring – Lend your bike to friends

In addition to easily being able to lend your bike to your friends, you can also chose to rent your bike out to the world or significant other (anyone who has the app). “With the Skylock app, users can arrange to lend out their bike to anyone in their trusted network or the Skylock community while keeping track of it via the app,” says Skylock. “Within the Skylock bike community, bike owners can lend their bikes based on prices relative to demand and location.” So, basically, you could start your own Citibike! Yahooo!



All Images by Skylock


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