SEATYLOCK – The Saddle That Turns Into A Bike Lock

Seatylock Colors red
After running a successful Kickstarter campaign the SEATYLOCK ™ is now finally available in our online store. It’s the solution for two of the most common everyday problems urban cyclists have to deal with: Saddle-theft and carrying around an inconvenient bulky and heavy lock.

This invention is so smart and handy you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first.

The patented product is a bicycle saddle that transforms into a solid lock in less than 10 seconds. Stretching over one meter, the lock is long enough to secure wheel and frame. It is developed and designed to suit all rider types because the collection features two different models. A more sporty version for not compromising on agility and the “comfort classic” model made especially for city and dutch bikes. Manufactured from top quality materials such as aviation grade aluminium and hardened steel it will give every well-equipped bike thief a hard time. In addition the lock is covered in a plastic coating to protect the bike frame from ugly scratches.

What we love about SEATYLOCK?

That the lock is an integral part of your two-wheeler, so you’ll never again leave home without a lock. Does the product fit on my bicycle? Yes it does. It comes with a universal adapter that makes it compatible with any standard bike model.



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