Please Enter “Allthatiwant”


It was “love at first cup of coffee” when we met the fine folks from Mehreinfach in our new office space a few months ago for the first time. We were just casually talking about what we’re working on and that we’re looking for new creative ways of telling the “Allthatiwant-Story” to make our world of fashion and bicycles more accessible to people. The reason why we started Allthatiwant, our friendship, life-style and passion we have for what we do everyday, has a big impact on how we run our company and on how we work and learn with others.

Mehreinfach” is a group of talented developers, painters and hackers combining technology, art and business and they’re exactly the kind of people we want to collaborate with. When we first got to see the beautiful projects Mehreinfach is building and literally bringing to life with their animation framework, we instantly felt: “Wow, let’s create something together.” …and that’s where the Allthatiwant-Mehreinfach love affair has begun.

After weeks of drawing, coding, not sleeping and many gallons of strong coffee, we’re now able to present you the first chapter of Allthatiwant’s animated world of fashion and bicycles and invite you to be part of it. It’s just the beginning of something that will continue to grow in the future and we’ll add new pieces every week or simply when we feel like it. So please turn on the sound of your computer, explore and enjooooy!

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