Notabag x BOOKMAN: The Reflective Bag available NOW!

Design Notabag Bookman

Notabag founder Adnan Alicusic was inspired to create the bag during a situation, where a shopping bag on his bike’s handle bar almost led to an accident. He found himself stuck between cars during rush hour and the shopping bag made the situation even worse by limiting his ability to control the bike. Wishing that he had a backpack with him, Adnan started to work on a simplified solution to transform a bag into a backpack.

After a successful 1st and 2nd collection our friends from Notabag teamed up with the swedish bike accessory company BOOKMAN to bring the Notabag to the next level in design and functionality.

The Reflective Bag

The bag is a smart combination of a bag and a backpack now made from reflective material. Just like the original classic collection, it quickly transforms from a bag into a backpack simply by pulling the straps.

The new design adds extra safety on the street by making cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, or pretty much anyone more visible in the dark. The Reflective Collection is only available for a limited amount of time! So don’t miss out!

Ps. The design is nominated for the German Design Award 2016! Fingers crossed!



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Reflective Bag Pack Brooklyn

Images: Notabag/Bookman

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