Meet Jacqui Ma – Founder of Goodordering, London

Designer Jaqui Ma


Goodordering is a small independent bag company run out of a flat on top of a bike shop in East London. Founded in 2012 Goodordering was started by designer and avid cyclist Jacqui Ma, who previously has worked for product design consultancies and brands such as Puma and Jasper Conran.

What does Goodordering stands for?

“The brand name comes from the joy and satisfaction of ordering well at a restaurant. Our family often went out for meals together and after a very satisfying meal, we would all call out ‘Good ordering!’ to mum. This brand incorporates all the values of family get-togethers and those captured moments of happiness,” says Jaqui.

The collection feautures backpacks, laptop cases and panniers, inspired by Japanese school bags and airline bags from the 70s and 80s. The clean outlines embody a retro sports vibe, and the modern details and weatherproof fabrics fuse a nostalgic sports aesthetic with the urban-suburban landscape. With its clean outlines and geometric angles the designs are also influenced by Bauhaus design.

What we love about it: The combination of functionality and aesthetics. Each bag has been designed with technological gadgets in mind and features padded compartments and pockets of different shapes and sizes.

Want to learn more? Check out the collection here.

Goodordering Bags bike

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