Make Yourself Visible

The days are getting shorter and darker, and it’s important to ensure adequate lighting and clothing on your ride to make yourself more visible. (That of course is not only important for the winter season, also when you cycle home from a party late at night…)

We put together a list of our favorite winter/ darkness bike safety items that help you ride safe and make you still look gorgeous and stylish.


Josh Zisson’s 100% reflective bike

Or make your own:


Watch the tutorial on how to make your own night bike on Pretty awesome!


 Iva Jean Two-way Reflective Vest. Also available on Eleanor’s NYC.


 “Reflective Leggings” available on Allthatiwant.


ZODIAC Bag by Michaux: A shoulder bag during the day, and worn across your body while cycling. (reflective and waterproof)


Reflective Bike Moustache Decals available on Eleanor’s NYC


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