It’s friday! We can’t wait to get out off the office (although we love our office), quickly pick up a few things at the grocery store and then bike home and make dinner for a few friends tonight. Yeah right, quickly grab a few things and bike home. A bottle of wine and a pound of cheese in your purse hanging around your shoulder or on your handlebar is not only heavy and annoying, it’s also NOT safe.

You’re right. We could make our lives easier by using a proper back pack. BUT we are girls and back packs often just don’t look good with dresses or office outfits. So we were searching for a good looking and smart alternative and tadaaaa….we came across Notabag – the perfect combination between a backpack and a bag. It’s a stylish shoulder bag that with just a single pull transforms into an easy-to-carry bag pack.

Try it out, and we promise you, it will quickly become your favorite summer-on-the-go and cycle style accessory.




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