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The new collection by street wear and lifestyle brand Gravity Check just arrived in our shop! We’ve never been big fans of classic performance wear because for our taste the performance apparel lines on the market weren’t very fashion-conscious.

In the last few years we’ve seen retailers expand their sports and casual wear lines, influenced from the urban, street and sport scenes. Furthermore high end brands such as Stella Mc Cartney have increasingly referenced street and sports wear, giving rise to the success of the trend. But they just weren’t for us and there was always something missing. There was not just not the perfect combination of style, functionality, material, production and design.

But luckily we got introduces to the fine folks from Gravity Check. At Bike Expo New York 2015, pieces from the Gravity Check’s collection were chosen to be part of the Momentum Mag fashion show that showcased the best of urban bike style. And we were convinced! Not just by the pieces itself, also by their story, the brands personality and passion Gravity Check has for cycling and the love they put into creating their collection.

“Very few things engender passion and a sense of belonging to a tribe more than engaging in competitive sports. So it’s only natural for sports and fashion to intertwine.”

“We’ve seen it over and over again: the polo and yachting shirt that have become staples of the elegant leisure wardrobe; the explosion of street style, surfer-influenced T-shirts, Bermuda shorts and flip-flops; the colorful winter apparel that adorn the avid skier on the way to work, miles away from the slopes but still very much there. It’s a way of establishing an identity that says “this is the tribe that I belong to and want to be identified with. This is who I am.

But while our urban landscapes overflow with symbolic fashion adaptations of virtually every branch of sport, there is one that has been glaringly absent: Cycling.”

As bike enthusiast, we’re proud to be part of one of the fastest growing tribes in the world of sports whose popularity shows no sign of slowing down. And we’re proud to be able to work with cool brands from around the world and show products we really believe in on! So welcome to the family Gravity Check!

Gravity Check Lifestyle Bike

Pretty bad ass: View the women’s collection here:

Gravity Check Collection


Fleece Jacket: “Rugged Road” from the new collection

Gravity Check Sweatshirt


Images by Gravity Check

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