Color of the month: Gold

We’re over the grey-in-grey that’s dominating the winter months. So we need some glitter and gold to spice up the weather tristesse. The meaning of the color gold is extravagance, wealth, riches, excess and it’s the color of success, achievement and triumph. Well… we simply like the mellow glow of the color gold and that’s why we picked a few favorite shiny items for more winning bling in 2017! Trade in your winter wardrobe for something shiny and new and you’ll immediately get over the winter blues.

And if you then have some cash left how to invest in the World’s Most Expensive Bike: Aurumania_600 Swarovski crystals adorn gold plated bike. $101,400.



Goden Bike Helmet Thousand

Golden Bicycle Helmet by Thousand.

ALC Skirt

A.L.C.‘s metallic rose-gold Bobby midi skirt


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