Coachella 2014

CoachellaWheelphoto7 Festival season is just about to kick off and we’ve started our own music festival year 2014 by rocking out at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this past weekend. Coachella is an annual two-weekend music and arts festival held in Indio, California. In between incredible sets of Pharrel Williams, Arcade Fire, The Knife, Lana del Rey and equally awesome DJ Sets at Yuma Tent we did intensive observation of this years fashion. Coachella is not only the place where the hottest bands play and artists showcase their beautiful installations and sculptures, it’s also THE place where celebrities show off the latest festival fashion or dance styles (Yep, Leonardo DiCaprio, this is you).  We put together a few outfit pics and must-have accessories, that not only helped us glam up our front-row performance, but also made life on the festival grounds even more enjoyable and stylish! 1. Wristband: well, of course won’t get in without.photo1 2. Hats and bandanas: to protect you from sun and your do from dust and wind.photo5photo3 3. Denim and Lace: Always a good idea!photo (4) 4. Hippie dresses: probably in style since Coachella 1999photo2 5. Shoes: Waer proper shoes, like good old Doc Martens or Converse. Also you might want to bring a picnic blanket – quite handy for in-between naps.photo4 6. Definitely get yourself one of the little booklets with set times to make sure not to miss out on shows!photo (5)

7. Face paint and glow sticks. Not only fun but will also make yourself more visible for your friends at night.10177291_10201871745862912_4482861838189005360_ncoachellaAllthatiwant3 8. Last but not least make sure to check out the incredible artwork. Coachella2014coachellaAllthatiwant …and cruise around the festival grounds on a bike, just like Coachella and Burning Man icon Dr. Debb. 541643_444258722321973_661799622_n

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