Beauty And The Bike

This video is a short version of the 55 min documentary “Beauty and the Bike” by Richard Grassick and Beatrix Wupperman.

“Girls in cycling friendly countries continue to cycle into adulthood, whilst in many other countries they tend to give up during the teenage years. Why?

Beauty and the Bike follows two groups of young women over a period of a year. One is from the Cycling Demonstration town of Darlington, England, where nearly all teenage girls have stopped using a bicycle. The other is from Bremen, where cycling is the transport mode of choice for most teenagers. Over the course of the year, each group visits the other to discover just why their habits – and attitudes towards cycling – are so different. ”

Amazing documentary that shows how important it is to create urban infrastructure for cyclists and make cycling more attractive and safe. This is something we support with heart and soul: Beautiful girls! KEEP BIKING!


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