Afghan women’s cycling team nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Prize Afghan womens cycling team

This is true women power! Across Europe and America it might be normal for women to ride bicycles, but in Afghanistan (and other countries ad well) women suffer accusations of immorality and threats of violence just for riding a bike. The Afghan women’s cycling team does it anyway, and for that they’ve been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by members of the Italian parliament. 

The team has used the bike for fighting for social justice and peace and against violence and social stigma. For them the bicycle is a symbol of freedom and independence.  

Learn more about the Team here: Mountain2Mountain or check out the film project “Afghan Cycles”.

Film recommendation: “Afghan Cycles”

“Afghan Cycles” is a documentary that tells the story of brave afghan women who challenge gender barriers and put their life at risk for the pleasure of riding a bicycle. 

The documentary is directed by Sarah Menzies and produced by Shannon Galpin, Anna Brones, Jenny Nichols, Sarah Menzies.

For us it is a film about inspiring strong women made by inspiring women!

Image courtesy: Mountain2Mountain

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