Biking in The Rain – Get Ready for Monsoon Season


Fall is already here, rainy season is about to kick in and when you don’t want to give up your morning bike commute to work because of bad weather, sooner or later you’ll be faced with riding in the rain. But with a little knowledge and the appropriate (stylish) gear, spinning through showers can actually be an enjoyable experience.

Be prepared – dress accordingly

Of course you can carry an umbrella on your bike, but that is not very handy and definitely not safe. Luckily there are other stylish (and more convenient) ways to dress for your commute in the rain.

Getting soaked on your bike sucks and the wetter you get the colder you are going to be when you arrive at work. Being cold and wet is also a quick way to get sick. Keep your core warm. A waterproof jacket or cape is essential for heavy conditions. Wear a wicking underliner made from wool or polypropylene and wool socks.

Wear a rain cape which is made for cycling. Bicycle rain capes are like ponchos but tailored to fit you in your riding position on the bike. They should have loops at the front, which you can hook over your thumbs, extending forward like a little tent.

Furthermore rain capes allow ventilation underneath, and so they’re the best solution on a warm, rainy day.



 Bicycle Rain Cape “Otto London” via Allthatiwant Shop


Glitter Chelsea Boots seen on Polyvore


A bicycle crate with rain cover – perfect to protect your belongings (Image: BASIL)

Adjust your braking

Morning routine took you a few minutes later this morning and you’re already late for your 9am meeting? Pleas bike carefully. Bike lanes might me slippery and on wet roads it takes double the amount of time you would normally use to slow or stop. Locking your brakes up quickly will lead to spinning out and losing control.

After the ride: Give your bike some love

For your efforts, you’ll get to ride without any annoying squeaking or grinding noises. Grit from rainy weather will wear down the chain, gears, brakes and rims if not cleaned off. Make sure to apply lube to the chain once you’re done cleaning, so your bike will keep running smoothly.

But after all! Enjoy your ride and stay dry!!!

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