#Bikefriday is the new #Blackfriday

  BIKE IS THE NEW BLACK: #BIKEFRIDAY Rather get on your bikes this friday and burn calories to make more room for leftovers on friday! ALOHA from the Honolulu office and Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 x Mela   …and ps. Eva our co-founder is rocking pink today! #blackfridayrebel

Thundress: Coochie-friendly Underwear

  Our mission is to find clothes that help you to feel beautiful in your (bike)life. Today we have a closer look at what you probably put on first thing every morning. Yes, that’s right! Today I’m getting in your pants.  …so let’s talk underwear.  Laying the foundations: Underwear is not something that many people think about on a regular basis, but they should: Because choosing the right …